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By not having a digital marketing strategy your business is missing out.

Let’s go digital

We’re a Manchester Digital Marketing Agency conveniently located just outside the city center, focused on helping small businesses get more traffic from google. We’re focused on providing you with an immersive experience where you know we’re on top of your SEO and deploying the latest SEO tactics. Everything we do is aimed at increasing your presence in the search engines.

Identify your target market

The key to digital marketing is understanding exactly who your target audience is. The target audience determines everything. The type of content you create, the best channels to digitally market your products / services all depends on who your target audience is and what they are most receptive to. Audience engagement is a must, people have short attention spans and you need to make sure your content is memorable.

Create a plan

Planning is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign. Knowing what to aim for helps us to devise a plan that can see your website increase its audience through digital marketing. We look at various factors that can help you build your brand and develop your business ideas in to reality.

If your website doesn’t have a plan, it’s time for us to fix that. And remember plans aren’t set in stone, often we can find new opportunities to help your website flourish.

Implement the strategy

Throughout the next 12 months, your digital marketing plan is implemented and depending on what type of marketing your business needs the timescale on results can vary. For SEO services results can takes months or years in competitive industries but there will always be less competitive areas we can get quicker results. For PPC management, you can start seeing results right away. All businesses should be cautious with using PPC. It’s imperative to make your CPA (cost per action) as low as possible. This helps you to maximise your add spend.


Helping your business create a digital strategy.

One business’s digital strategy isn’t necessarily your business’s digital strategy. Every website is different. This means we need to analyse your business and its current digital position to see how we can take you from where your business is to where your business could be.

Your Company

Analyse your current websites position. How you’re currently doing digital marketing (if you are), your budget and objectives are all taken into account.

Your Market

Analyse your current websites position. How you’re currently doing digital marketing (if you are), your budget and objectives are all taken into account.

Your competitors

Analyse your current websites position. How you’re currently doing digital marketing (if you are), your budget and objectives are all taken into account.


Building Backlinks

To some, the holy grail of SEO

Building backlinks is crucial for your business. One of the single largest ranking factors depends on the amount of backlinks a website / web page has point at it. Businesses struggle with backlink building because it’s hard, it’s long and it’s speculative.

All links aren’t created equal either. Backlinks can actively harm your google positions.

No spammy backlinks

Getting backlinks from spammy websites signals to google that your website is spammy too. A lot of spammy links and google will start to rank your website lower in the search engines.

Backlinks from UK websites

If it’s what your website needs, we can just focus on building backlinks from UK websites.

Backlink strategies

Getting backlinks is hard and especially getting backlinks from high quality websites with good website traffic. Content is a huge factor in how many backlinks your website will naturally gain. The better the content is the more people will link to it.

PPC Mangement | Fast wins |

Get traffic in fast.

Paying per click (PPC) focuses on the purchase of visitors to your website by paying a set amount of money every time someone clicks on that link. The amount you pay per click depends on how competitive the keywords are. The most common pay per click advertising methods you encounter daily are google ads. By paying per click you jump to the top of the search engines being part of the ads section.

Fast Set Up

We can set up a google adwords account for your website and start targeting traffic within days.

Targeted Ads

Specify your ads by age, gender, location and start finding more customers who are interested in your services.

Catchy Ad text

We turn ads in too a fine art and we’ll come up with different ideas to make searchers more likely to be clicking on your ads and not the competition.

Connect with Social Media Management

Join the Social Media party.

It’s 2020 and it’s just people who are dominating social media its businesses too. Managing a social media campaign is more than just sending out a few posts and hoping for people to like things. Social media is all about engaging with your audience and growing that audience over time.

It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s more about how engaged the followers you have are. We help businesses around Manchester develop a social media strategy to help them find more customers online.

Engage your audience

Managing social media accounts is all about growing an audience and engaging with them. This is the reason it’s better to have a small following who are actively interested in your products rather a lot of followers who aren’t interested.

Promote your content

There’s so much content on the web now it’s vital that your business is actively promoting your content. This helps your content get seen by the people who are most likely to view it, share it and become a customer of yours.

Inform your audience

Create Content and increase traffic

When it comes to content, content is the king.

Think, why do people visit your website? It’s because they need something and they think your website has the answer. If your website can provide the answer’s your audience is asking then that’s the start of bringing in qualified traffic to your website.

We can optimise landing pages, where you want the customer to buy from you but what’s more important is building content around the subjects that actively help the user.

Long form blog posts

There’s a billion blogs out there, that’s one blog for every seven people. You need to make your content stand out and long form blog posts are our speciality. We absolutely love creating blog posts because it helps your audience find you. It’s also worth nothing most page 1 google results have an average of 2,000 words on the page.


Infographics have been hugely popular for years now and with good reason. Marketing is made easier when you have some great information and some beautiful graphics which people will be wanting to share because it’s informative. They can also be embedded on your website and easily shared giving your website more backlinks.


Providing E-Books can be a great way to get your message across. Creating hugely informative E-Books that provides value to the reader is even better. When people are interested in a product or service, your business has to be the one that explain things the best.

Web Design services

We can help you get your website designed and online. How?

If you’re digitally marketing your business you need somewhere for you visitors to go. The majority of businesses will now have websites and if your business isn’t online it’s a must.

We can help get your website online using a variety of methods, using WordPress to keep costs down or making a fully bespoke website, we’re here to help your website get online.

Starter Websites

Getting a website online for the first time is all about establishing your online presence. If you’re a small business who’s looking to get a website, we can help you keep costs down with a WordPress website which can be for services & products. We choose WordPress as the best option as it can grow with your business depending on your needs.

E-Commerce Websites

Needing to sell your products online? We can help you maximise your budget and get your website online using a variety of methods. Shopify, Magento & Woocommerce are all perfect solutions for selling online. Depending on your business individual circumstances will determine what’s the right fit for you.

Website Redesigns

Is your website stuck in 2008? An outdated website can be a security threat, a hassle and a revenue killer. We can help take your website from it’s current position in to one with a fresh new look which can be optimised for SEO to help you get more traffic. For a website redesign just tell us your aims and we’ll help get you there

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking high on google…

How to rank well on google is one of the questions that we’re asked the most. Ranking high on pages one happens because your website is the most relevant website for that keyword. This happens because of over 200 different ranking factors that google uses to separate the best websites from the bad websites.

SEO Needs Great content

The content you have on the page has to correlate with what the user is searching for. If the top results are content rich and have a lot of backlinks, then your content has to be better, more in depth and more helpful. We can help you drive more traffic to your website from google but it will take a while.

Get backlinks to your website

Backlinks to your website tell google it’s good.

Update your content 

Creating content isn’t just a one time thing. Look on google, there’s results still being shown that were published in 2009. Updating your content means adding text, images or videos to enhance the user experience. We would know what to add, because we know what people are search for, so we build the content around that.

Lets meet and greet

You don’t like wasting time and we’re certainly not here to waste your time. A one hour meeting will help us show you how we can help your business get online and take it forward.

Get some insights with some digital marketing agency secret tools.


Digital Marketing FAQs

What's digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about finding more customers for your business through various digital channels .

What's the most common form of digital marketing?

This depends on the type of business. Pay per click can be popular because it's instant or e-mail marketing for businesses who've grown a large client base.

What budgets do you work with?

We work with businesses with all budgets. To see how we can maximise your budget get in touch.

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