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Getting a website online is quite daunting. Here, we want to take the hassle out of getting a website online. For 99% of small businesses, WordPress is the best option to choose as long as you can find a cost efficient team to help you design it. If you’re a start up business who are launching a brand new website for the first time, we can really help you to minimise costs on your website to free up the budget else where.

Small Business Big Ideas

Even if your business has the tiniest of budgets, get in touch to see how we can help you out. We love small businesses and helping them to achieve everything they need giving them a platform to offer their products / services to the world.

ResponsiveWebsite Design

Your website needs to be responsive. In 2020, your business needs to have a responsive web design, your potential customers are looking for you on desktops, mobile and tablets so it’s vital your website looks the part on each device. Because mobile, desktop and tablet sizes are all different, each page needs to be designed specifically for each device.

Mobile First Web Design

Did you know that google are now ranking website’s based purely on their mobile website? There’s thousands of website’s out there which haven’t given any attention to their mobile site and are suffering loss of traffic because their mobile set lets them down?

Why do you need a website?

If your business still isn’t online in 2020 where have you been? Social Media accounts aren’t substitutes for a website. Gain control for your business with an online presence and start competing for traffic online. And if your business does have a website but it’s been heavily neglected for the last years, we can help you correct things sooner rather than later so you can start finding more clients. The longer you leave getting online, the harder it’s going to be for your business to get noticed.


You’re losing out on Revenue


Brand awareness decreases


Your competitors get bigger

WordPress Web Design

If you’re looking to a get a business online WordPress is one of the best choices for keeping costs down. You can choose from thousands of themes to customise or we can develop a custom Theme to help you start expanding your business. Using a WordPress website compared to getting a custom coded website can mean more money being spent on helping people finding your site rather than spending thousands on extra website development. WordPress Plugins rock too, they can make your website do things a lot cheaper than developing the code ourselves. Using WordPress to design your website, there’s no monthly fee you have to pay, it’s a one off fee then your website is up, the WordPress theme is yours to keep the only thing you need to pay for is monthly hosting.

E-Commerce Web Design

You want to start selling with great scalability then Magento is the way to go. So good, it was bought by Ebay who know a thing or two about selling online, you’re in safe hands with Magento E-commerce Website Design. Another way to go is with WordPress’s Woocommerce which is a favourite for many small businesses helping them to get online. Which ever option you choose, we can get your E-commerce website up in a timely manner getting your products online and searchable to the world. Another thing to mention with ecommerce sites is their quite resource heavy especially with Magento so your hosting will need to have some fire power.

Website planning stage

Planning the website usually takes around a week. We can rush if you want and do it in a few days but for the best possible website we need some thinking time on how best to make your website.

What's the budget for your website?

The budget you have for your website large dictates the best way forward to get your site online. Your website doesn’t need to have a huge budget, especially if you’re a brand new website. Here we have a few strategies which apply to different types of websites.

For example, brand new website’s who are totally new and have no marketing stats? You guys shouldn’t be spending over £5,000 getting a website designed. Why? Because in a lot of cases you’ll just be getting something put together by a designer, that may look great but it might not serve the needs of your audience well which means you’ll have to get it redesigned. And nobody want’s another site design so soon.

If your website is getting a redesign and you’ve already got some traffic, if you’ve got access to google search console or google analytics then you have some data to help create your website around your audience.

We’re not just interested in charging you a one time fee then sending you on your way. We’re focused on helping you get your website online and actively work with you a few months down the line to see how your new website is performing and what can be done to improve it

Defining your website goals

What do you want from your website? Generally speaking people wanting to make sales but your website needs to be more complete than that. Building a small website with one or two service pages with little content on them isn’t going to help your website.

Defining the purpose of a website helps give the project clarity.

Get a look & feel of your competitor websites

We could create a really great website, then ask 10 different people about it and they’ll all have different opinions on what they like and what they don’t like. For your business, it really helps if you give us examples of website’s you like, we’ll do our own research in to companies in your industry, seeing what they are doing well & not so well.

High ranking competitor websites are the best place to start. Seeing how other businesses in your industry have designed their websites gives us insights in to how to design your website. We never copy your competitors, we make your web pages unique to your business.

Colour Schemes & brand Identity

Branding if often overlook by many small businesses looking to get their website online. They get a logo then that’s pretty much it. Now, branding can get extremely expensive, but we’ve got a few hints and tricks to help your small business get a well defined brand identity with intelligent use of colour throughout the site.

Obviously, the level of brand identity we can work on depends on your budget but this is an important of aspect of getting a website designed that shouldn’t be over looked

Do you need a logo redesign?

If you’re a business that’s already spent a lot on it’s branding previously then you don’t need to spend more getting it redone unless your not happy with it. For new websites who maybe don’t have a logo yet, the best thing for you do to is find a logo specialist who can help you. Cheap logo’s usually mean a cheap looking business so it’s usually wise to spare a little budget for getting a logo designed.

Your branding has a huge effect on the overall feel of your business. Think about Coca Cola, they get the branding right every time and that’s just one reason why it’s one of the biggest companies in the world. The way your website looks and feels to the user has a huge impact on whether they will decide to choose your business or not.

The website page structure

This is something than often gets overlooked. Websites have pages that are found by using a URL which often don’t have clean titles. For example here, our web design page is serving people mainly in Manchester so we called the page web-design-manchester to help keep things simple.
It makes the site cleaner, easier to read and understand what page are about from google and gives you the opportunity to put a keyword in which can help you a little boost on google.

Content for your website

Another area that’s huge neglected is the actual content that’s on the website. This is really strange when google ranks website’s primary for the content that’s on the website. Link building also plays a huge role in ranking on google but if you’ve got not got a lot of content on the page then people aren’t really going to be linking to you.

Major brands can have a focus on videos and images because their backlink power will be huge. Why? Because so many sites link to them.

For smaller websites a newer websites you need to have a lot of content on the pages. Why? Because google indexes your content and if there’s very little there then there’s little to index. What do you thinks going to be more successful with google? A page with 150 words on or a page with 1500 words on?

One the strongest aspects about having content rich pages is it gets you found for more focused long term keyword phrases. You have to actually have those phrases in your text or a combination of it, you can’t just writer 1500 words about nothing, it has to be things your audience are actively search for. You can’t just stuff your keywords in though, that won’t work.

Using images on your website

Images play a large role in your website. People are visual and they have short attention spans so you really need to grab your visitors attention with the use of images and videos.
We know you hate doing videos for your business but people love authenticity and if they visit a website with a little explainer video just saying who you are and how you can help them, that’s going to improve the credibility of your website and take a faceless site to a website you have more of a connection with.

SEO page titles & descriptions

You don’t just a build a site and they come (Well, not unless you’re ready to spending a lot on online ads) and did you know most web designer’s won’t help you fill out these details to maximise reach for your business. You have to tell google what the pages on your website are about. And you have to be specific with them.

For example with us. If we were to focus on just web design then we’re not going to see any success in the short term because people searching for web design will be shown pages that have been around longer and have higher backlink profiles.Then you start to think more targeted like we want to build website for small businesses so small business web design makes a more suitable keyword for us to target. It’s search terms are less but its more pin pointed to what we actually do.

You also need to have great meta descriptions which describe the page in an enticing way to make people click your website over the competition

I need to get a website designed FAST, can you help?

It depends on how busy we are but we're always interested in hearing your ideas.

What's the cheapest way to get a professional website designed?

The best option is WordPress. By having a WordPress designed site it will be lass hassle in the long run.

How much is it to get a website designed?

Our prices start at £499 which includes a five page WordPress website.