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September 15, 2019

Cheap website hosting could cost your website BIG

Are you looking for to find somewhere to host your website? If you’re in the UK and you need a reliable host, we won’t even make you read the whole article. We use Smart Hosting and we’d recommend them to anyone looking to get their website online.

Smart hosting provides hosting with 100% Renewable Energy that powers their data centres.That’s right, we aren’t destroying the world (ok that’s a slight exaggeration) to keep your website online. Smart hosting is part of the Krystal brand and offer a fantastic service. With thousands of options it can seem like a minefield to actually get what you want and to get what your website actually needs.

Free web hosting! Is it worth it?

Free website hosting is a trap. There, we’ve said it. The offer of free hosting entices you in, you build your website and then you realise your website is slow as hell and that you either need to change hosts or pay to upgrade on your current host. Free hosting is so bad, we’re not even going to talk much about it. But do you know what you can do?

The hosting market is competitive and let’s be honest, if you’re a good host then getting more websites hosted on your servers doesn’t require extra work so it’s mostly profit after a certain amount of websites. One of the most popular deals is to offer hosting for £1 for the first month. This allows you to get your site hosted for the first month and try them out.

If you’re happy, continue on to the regular paid plan. Not happy? Switch to another provider. And heck, even if you are extremely happy, if you really wanted to you could just use the £1 on company after company. It’s £1 people. If you’re choosing free hosting over a £1 per month host, your website probably won’t be a success. Let’s move on.

Website hosting costs UK - Find Cheap reliable website hosting

How much should your website be spending on hosting is an important question.

Getting a website up is tricky enough when you don’t know what you’re doing but there’s so many vital ingredients in making a website that it’s crucial you start with good hosting.

Now, don’t confuse good hosting with expensive hosting. You certainly need the best host you can afford but if you’re just starting out with a small website then you’ll be able to find good quality hosting for less than £5 per month and in many cases even less.

Small business websites will usually find at first that it’s sufficient for their requirements and for some, they are happy for their site to remain on the host.

Shared hosting! Is shared hosting crap?

First things first, shared hosting rocks. Shared hosting is highly affordable which makes it one of the most popular options when it comes to getting your website online as it makes it possible for almost anyone to get their website up and running. But unfortunately there can be conditions that make it a disaster but if you keep on top of things, your website should face no issues from being on a shared host.

The benefits of using shared hosting

It’s affordable
The host maintains the server
Quick support
It’s not rocket science to understand
E-mail accounts
Uptime reliability
Enough diskspace

The disadvantages of using shared hosting

Security can be an issue
Sharing a single IP address
Shared CPU power
Shared Memory power

Security is massively important but at the end of the day, if hackers really, really want to hack your website, the chances are that they will. Just look at Twitter and their CEO Jack Dorsey. His twitter account got hacked. Twitter is making the platform more secure and the CEO’s own account gets hacked. They have two factor authentication like so many hosting companies do and now you can use two factor to log in to WordPress.

So what chance is their for the rest of us? Well, thankfully, we aren’t as high profile targets as Jack Dorsey, but this just show’s that in the digital age, is anything really secure?

Disadvantages you could face on shared hosting

There can be times when your website traffic will face lower speed
Overload issues. This can especially happen with Magento e-ccommerce stores with large product lists on hosting that’s no longer sufficient to support your website.
Not all shared hosting plans are the same. You need to look at the features and benefits of the hosts to determine what exactly it is they are offering.
You may find further down the line your hosting needs some software
Certain ports may be limited

Shared hosting can get a bit of a bad reputation. Is it really so bad? The honest answer is no. Shared hosting shouldn’t negatively impact your website but there are circumstances when it can. Your website hosting will have an IP address that connects every website on that host. If there’s naughty website’s sending out spam or doing other undesirable things then this see the IP address blacklisted.This is one reason why it’s important to know the host you’re choosing. Bad clients can happen to any host but the better one’s will be faster to react when there is suspicious activity.


Shared hosting rocks. Yes, it’s not the Ferrari of hosting but do you need that? For getting a small website off the ground, generally speaking you’ll be more than happy on a shared host. The drawbacks can suck when they negatively affect you, but we’ve been hosting websites since 2012 and we’ve never seen our ip address be black listed or our search engine rankings negatively effected because of being on a shared host.

VPS Server hosting

VPS means Virtual Private Server which is pretty much the middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting and can offer a fantastic service whilst not being too heavy on the wallet. VPS can be a great way of adding more resources without spending too much a month on hosting whilst providing your website with a more secure environment.

VPS hosting is usually where website’s migrate to from shared hosting as it’s the next step up which pretty much offers the same freedom and flexibility that a dedicated host would.

The benefits of using vps hosting

Upscale or downscale whenever you need to.
Choose any type of operating system
High level of service and low level cost
Fast performances
Stable and consistent performances
Dedicated IP address
No set up fees involved
Server Root level access
Host more than one website

The disadvantages of VPS

It’s a little bit more expensive than shared hosting
There can be more technical aspects to deal with
There’s normally a £10 cPanel fee – Paid monthly

Reseller hosting - Make it Rich by selling hosting

Reseller hosting is great for anyone who’s looking to offer hosting as service as a primary product or as an up sell.
Resell in style, did you know most reseller hosting offer white label services so to everyone it looks as though their website’s are being hosted from your data centres. That’s pretty cool.

Where as you can find shared hosting for around £5 and less, reseller hosting is going to be more expensive than that, but not so much more. You’ll find reseller’s have different levels of accounts for you to choose from offering flexibility and scalability at your finger tips. It used to be the case that you could get reseller hosting with unlimited cPanel accounts but now times are changing, we’re seeing a more restricted service. And fair play, the more website’s that are on your server, the more resources that are going to be used, so it only makes sense it should be scaled.

Let’s take a look at Smart Web Hosting reseller hosting, what do they offer in their plan?

Unlimited SSL Certificates
SpamExperts Protection
Unlimited Bandwidth
24/7 UK Support

Dedicated hosting is the BOSS

Dedicated hosting is dedicated to your website. The entire server is dedicated to your website without the need to share with others. This gives you full control of your hosting environment but also comes with more complexity than other types of hosting.

The benefits of dedicated hosting;

You control the administrative side
No one to share with. Dedicated resources for you
Faster Loading times
Better user experience
Unlimited Bandwidth
You’ve got a more secure website

Because it’s only your website on the server, no one else can leave you open to vulnerabilities. Plus, you can have firewalls activated and use a monitoring service to make sure your website is as secure as possible.

The biggest threats websites face include.

Hacking and Malware attacks.
DDOS attacks

Even if you feel like your website is more secure there’s always other ways of adding more layers of security.

An IP address just for you
Increased Performance
More reliable infrastructure
Managed Makes it Simpler
Fast customisation
There’s no huge initial investment

How do I hook up E-mail hosting?

Email hosting allows you to be in control of your emails.

Top tip – Do you have a weird last name? If so you maybe in luck. Get the .com or or .uk version and then add your name @ last name .com

For me, it’s important to stand out and you have to do this in so many ways now.

And it’s not just that it’s cool. It acts as an ice breaker for a lot of situations, business and personal.
For example business contacts (and some personal 😉 are usually impressed half the time I give out my e-mail.

If you already have website hosting then e-mail hosting should already be provided for you

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