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November 22, 2019

Domain extensions – .com or .co.uk? (or what about .uk?

Did you snap up the .uk version of the co.uk domain?

In 2014 the new domains .uk were released but if you bought the .co.uk version before May 2014 then you’re uk. Domains were reserved for you until 25th June 2019.

And guess what? It seems like there’s a quite a few businesses who haven’t decided to take up their rights to the .uk domain and instead have left the domains available for others to purchase.

Is this a bad thing? Well,

Do you want to waste time trying to get it back?

How do you feel about a decline in sales?

How important is brand identity & reputation to your business?

You can stop abusive registrations right now. Intellectual property & brand protection are vital to your business.

It’s been five years these .uk names have been out for now and there’s still so many businesses who haven’t chosen to get the .uk version.


  1. They think they don’t want it
  2. They think they don’t need it
  3. They didn’t know about it
  4. They forgot about it
  5. They plan to get it at a later date

The problem is though, that in a few years time, these .uk could potentially become more popular than the .co.uk version.

Maybe not right now, maybe not even next year, but what about 3 years, 5 years time?

There’s already domains out there that have been bought. A small golf business in Manchester didn’t register there .uk domain, so right now, the .uk version points to a totally different website.

scottsdalegolf.co.uk goes to their website, but if you look at scottsdalegolf.uk then that gets redirected to another domain.

Why has another business chosen to purchase a domain just for the sake of redirecting it?

Did you know? Fast Hosts care about their clients and they know that there’s a large percentage of you .co.uk owners out there who wouldn’t take up the option of getting the .uk version but who really should have the .uk version.

So what they’ve done is for anyone who registered the .co.uk domain before 2014 when the .uk domains were released they’ve reserved them for you. How nice is that.

What is .co anyway?

Your website name – country – UK

Your website name – country – NZ

.Co means country.

Did it ever really need to have the .co.uk in the first place?

Personally we think .uk looks better, it’s shorter and it’s more “hip” but people aren’t going to just change their domain name over night because of a new domain extension

So what should be done?

The best thing to do is to buy the .uk domain and put a 301 redirect to the .co.uk version for now.

One day, you’ll probably want to change to the .uk version and you’re probably thinking what’s going to happen to my rankings?

If you do it correctly, there will be a short term migration but within a week or so you should be back exactly where you were with the .co.uk version of the website. But remember to redirect every single page of the website.

This is important.

Now there’s thousands of extensions on the market place, but if you have a co.uk domain then it makes total sense to also have the .uk domain.

If you don’t, someone else will at some time or another snap up the domain.

Obviously, this is bad etiquette and it’s not allowed to buy another domain name with the intention of impersonating another brand but what could happen if someone else does get their hands on the .uk version of your domain?

Right now, someone could be buying the .uk version of your domain, putting up a similar website to yours, using google adwords to get customers in, promising work, taking deposits then disappearing.

And guess who’s door they’re going to come knocking on? That’s right’ it’s yours.

This could happen with another domain extension of course but you’ve got three domains that pretty much everyone will think is your site if they go to it.

Don’t believe us?



This website got stung by this exact problem.

Your web design team should be telling you about domains that maybe useful for you to have, but in this case, for whatever reason the company didn’t buy the .uk

Remember people, the .uk domain extensions were reserved for FIVE YEARS. It’s not just like they were released out in to the wild and set free.

The domain registrars knew there would be problems and that’s why they reserved them for so long, to make sure any body taking an interest in their online presence

It’s not going to be a problem until it becomes on. If you don’t snap up the .uk domain someone else will and in this case asking nicely didn’t get the website to come down.

Yes, they got the domain back, which would happen in a lot of cases but it’s the damage that’s already been done that can’t be repaired.




There’s over 1000 domain extensions and only now are some of the newer one’s being trusted by consumers.

Now, we have 25 keywords that we’re going to use for businesses in the manchester region.

For each keyword we’ll identify the amount of domain extensions and how many websites use them

How many .co.uk there are in the results

How many co.uk have decided to take up their .uk domain

Which industries have taken the most .uk domains

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Tax Consultants
  • Web Design
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics
  • Events Planners
  • Insolvency
  • Beauticians
  • SEOers
  • Marketers
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Dentists
  • HR agencies
  • Restaurants

For a more in-depth look, we decided to look at the top 1000 restaurants in Manchester City centre and around Greater Manchester to see what the “best” & most common domain extensions were.

We also looked at the amount of .co.uk domain names that haven’t taken the opportunity to buy the .uk versions and we must say the results are shocking.

What to do if someone has a domain similar to yours

  1. Offer to buy the domain at a fair price

The first call of action should be to get in contact and offer to purchase the domain name.

  1. Take legal action – Contact a solicitor

Best ways to prevent domain squatting

  1. As soon as you think of the perfect name, get it registered
  2. if it’s available register it in .com .co.uk and .uk buy all 3
  3. Buy domain ownership protection
  4. Always make sure the domain is in YOUR name.
  5. Copyright the website address if it’s a viable option

Domain squatting examples

Which TLD domains get the most abuse?

The 10 Most Abused Top Level Domains

As of 27 October 2019 the TLDs with the worst reputations for spam operations are:




Badness Index: 6.10

Domains seen: 1,497

Bad domains: 1,277 (85.3%)



Badness Index: 5.53

Domains seen: 403

Bad domains: 376 (93.3%)



Badness Index: 5.27

Domains seen: 646

Bad domains: 541 (83.7%)



Badness Index: 5.10

Domains seen: 19,164

Bad domains: 10,543 (55.0%)



Badness Index: 4.31

Domains seen: 25,265

Bad domains: 11,622 (46.0%)


.コム (xn--tckwe)

Badness Index: 4.25

Domains seen: 248

Bad domains: 199 (80.2%)



Badness Index: 3.90

Domains seen: 614

Bad domains: 400 (65.1%)



Badness Index: 3.66

Domains seen: 8,935

Bad domains: 3,945 (44.2%)



Badness Index: 3.47

Domains seen: 375

Bad domains: 238 (63.5%)



Badness Index: 3.24

Domains seen: 67,775

Bad domains: 21,965 (32.4%)

What about the most abused domain registras?

The 10 Most Abused Domain Registrars

As of 28 October 2019 the registrars with the worst reputations for spam domains are:



Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd

Badness Index: 4.08

Domains seen: 1,619

Bad domains: 961 (59.4%)



Badness Index: 3.46

Domains seen: 166,886

Bad domains: 53,136 (31.8%)


Hongkong Domain Name Information Management Co., Limited

Badness Index: 3.19

Domains seen: 3,582

Bad domains: 1,554 (43.4%)


nawang.cn (Network Technology厦门纳网科技有限公司)

Badness Index: 3.19

Domains seen: 18,308

Bad domains: 6,631 (36.2%)


22.cn (杭州爱名网络有限公司 / HANGZHOU AIMING NETWORK)

Badness Index: 3.05

Domains seen: 5,433

Bad domains: 2,159 (39.7%)



Badness Index: 2.27

Domains seen: 27,325

Bad domains: 7,019 (25.7%)



Badness Index: 2.18

Domains seen: 88,519

Bad domains: 19,572 (22.1%)



Badness Index: 1.94

Domains seen: 232,036

Bad domains: 42,305 (18.2%)


Registrar R01

Badness Index: 1.94

Domains seen: 7,302

Bad domains: 1,875 (25.7%)


Crazy Domains

Badness Index: 1.72

Domains seen: 44,270

Bad domains: 8,412 (19.0%)

One alarming thing here is our beloved Namecheap is on there. To be honest, before we did this research we didn’t know that about Namecheap but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad.

The high score could be due to their market share which is the second largest in the market, but is dwarfed by the number one Godaddy who has nearly 20% of the market share.

Think about that, 1 in 5 domains are registered with Godaddy?

But Namecheap offers something a little different. The same domains, usually at a lower price.

When we first started our website we bought a few domains from Godaddy but whilst you could get good deals for the first year, there after, the deals weren’t so great.

One thing that used to annoy me was getting voucher deals in emails from them and then you go to use them and they never worked on what I actually wanted to buy.

That’s how we came across Namecheap and currently our 50 domain names are registered with them. Maybe that will change in future, but currently we’ve not seen anywhere you can get a domain lower than namecheap.

That’s perhaps the single largest contributing factor to the amount of bad domains namecheap as, because the lowest prices attract spammers because they probably won’t be using the domain for that long